The Writing Alphabet – C

If you’re to believe a certain blue monster Muppet, “C is for Cookie, that’s good enough for me”, but I say, no sir. That is not good enough for me. I need at least ten words associated with writing that begin with ‘C’ otherwise this is just going to be a super short blog post sending subliminal messages about desserts.

Cookie 01

Tough crowd. Anyway, ‘C’ is also for…

01. CAFE
A place where you can purchase delicious cookies… wait, no. It’s a place where you go to do your writing so you’re not distracted by things at home, instead you’re distracted by the thumping in your veins from your 8th cup of coffee while you guard your table located next to the only power outlet.

When you’re worried about including random analogies in your writing but then you remember Faith Hill compared smooching to centrifugal motion in her 90s classic ‘This Kiss’ and you realise you’re fine.

Something you will be perched on almost 24/7. Spinning chairs on wheels optional for those days where you want to roll right out the door and into the nearest supermarket for copious amounts of chocolate therapy.

“I just need to finish this chapter and then I can move on!” ~ ancient proverb of the writer at 2am who is stuck on how to finish the chapter and doesn’t know what day it is anymore.

Things we try to avoid like the plague in our writing, so we need to think outside the box to expand our horizons. And remember, every cloud has a silver lining and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but if not you win some, you lose some and life goes on.

When you set yourself a goal of writing for an hour and the time either goes backwards or you blink and your time’s up already and the only thing you’ve written is “C is for Cookie.”

All the wonderful likeminded people you meet along your writing journey who instantly understand why you’ve spent three hours on baby naming websites to find the perfect moniker for your main character’s magic pet turtle. Or who will offer feedback, recommend books, chat to you about ideas or commiserate with you when things get a bit writer’s block-y or blergh. (Not to be confused with the TV show Community, which is equally as awesome).

Community 01

The good type: what you throw into the air when you finish a project.
The bad type: what you rip your manuscript into when the project finishes you.

When writing is your “craft” you often have three million notebooks lying around, a laptop that’s constantly teetering on 4% charge and you have perfected the art of tea/coffee making because it’s your go-to form of procrastination.

There are many parts to the brain. The frontal lobe, the cerebellum and the mortification cortex where you suddenly remember embarrassing things you did ten years ago while “hello darkness my old friend” plays on loop. But the best section is the creativity lobe where ideas are born and stories percolate, ready to be let loose in the world.

Cookie 02
P.S. Did I mention cookies?

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