The Writing Alphabet – A

For this round of Family Feud we surveyed 100 people* and asked: ‘What words beginning with A do you associate with writing?’ Here are the top 10 answers!

(*aka me, flipping through a dictionary, under the influence of Easter Eggs)

For that moment when you magic a plot solution/character motivation/line of dialogue out of nowhere after previously stressing about it for ages. Do you have more ideas up your sleeve? No, that’s just a rabbit. Don’t forget to feed it.

That strange feeling where you actually… like a sentence you wrote? And don’t want to edit it a million times?

Alphabet A 01

When you sit down to write and absolutely nothing comes out. Except for sentences like, “I saw a tree. It was tall. The end.” Or you just scream really, really loudly.

Alphabet A 02
“Could I be any more like Shakespeare?”

Picking all the gross bits out of your pizza writing when you eat edit it so you’re left with something more palatable for your brain.

Acting out the dialogue and facial expressions of your characters while you write like you’re starring in a really weird one-person play that no one bought tickets to. Bonus points if you’re in a cafe whilst doing so.

Alphabet A 03
Actual footage of an author working through NaNoWriMo

You haven’t been outside in a week, barely spoken to your family and missed your grandma’s 90th birthday, but my god do you have an awesome first five chapters! Well, three chapters and two other bits that need work… OK, one chapter and the rest is anchovy-filled at best, but hey, you hit your word count!

“When I grow up I want to be an…” (me aged 7, 15, 23, 29, 31 etc). We’ll get there one day.

That moment where you start writing and the words are actually flowing and you’re typing like a fiend and who cares that it may not make complete sense just yet you’re on a roll AND HOLY HECK THIS IS THE BEST THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS HAPPENING AT ONCE AND THE IDEAS JUST KEEP COMING AND YOU CAN’T STOP WRITING EVER YOU LIVE AT YOUR DESK NOW AND CAN SMELL COLOURS SO THIS IS WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE WHEN DOVES CRY!!!!!!!1111111

09. AWE
A feeling that encompasses you when you read your entire work back, you like it, and you don’t want to fling it into outer space.

10. AWOL
The leave your brain takes when you sit down to continue your writing and you can’t remember what you wrote in the previous chapters. Or blog posts… Um, here’s my Top 10 writing-related words that start with G?!

Alphabet A 04

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